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Broken Off Bloke
06.20.04 || 1:30 pm

Well, I broke it off with him today. It could have been different, but yesterday's verbalization about how marriage.. and then today.. when I told him that he really knew what to say to hurt me, he said, I really got you with that didn't I? and I said, yeah, you did... (as i'm crying) and then he says.. when you write about this in your online journal, or when you tell it to your friends, make sure to tell them the whole story, because they can see my side of things. Yeah, that's what he said. He didn't try to make things better, he didn't try to work it out, he says something that is so reflective of the one thing that is number 1, and that's himself.

i need to get over this fast... i want to stop crying.

Hearing: nothing
Feeling: sad
Stressing: crying

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