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Annoying Residents And Missing Items
11.12.04 || 3:01 pm

We have this resident here at work who thinks that everytime something goes missing someone has stole it.

Her coat goes missing, someone stole it.
Her money goes missing, someone stole it.
Her pathetic little 23 cent phone book goes missing, someone stole it.

The woman can't even wipe her own self because she's so damn fat... no one is going to steal your pathetic little phone book. What are they going to do with it? Call all your friends and family and make obsene noises, or breathe heavy? Please. We don't hate ourselves enough here to do that.

By the way, her coat, it ended up being in her closet, her money, ended up being in her husbands pocket. The phone book... she can't fathom that she took it with her to the hospital, or that someone accidently threw it away. Her reasoning? "There were napkins on top of it that were thrown away, no one could have possibly thrown it away too... the napkins were on top!"

argh!!!! she could live on her own if she weren't so damn fat. She's slowly killing herself by not eating what she's supposed too! (She's diabetic)


Hearing: Phone Ringing At Work
Feeling: Aggrevated
Stressing: Work

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