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BSW and Ass Raping
11.16.04 || 4:07 pm

lets see... i only need 60 credit hours at capital university to get my bachelors. that's 15 classes because each class is 4 credit hours each, and then each credit hour is $340, so that's $1,360 for ONE class, and multiply that times 15, that equals $20,400 dollars that I will pay to take my classes to obtain my BSW at Capital. That's not the price that includes books. Who knows what books will cost. Let's say anywhere from $1,000 up.

It's going to cost me probably close to $25,000 dollars to get a BSW that will get me a job that only pays $40,000 a year. FUN FUN FUN.

My financial aide will never come close to covering my ass for my BSW.

Bring on the student loans.

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