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My Past, Present, and Future Week
11.21.04 || 10:54 pm

What a fucking shit-tastic weekend.

Let's start at Friday.

Weekend is looking pretty promising. I am going to go home tonight, relax, and then in the morning, I am going to watch the OSU game with a friend and then to see a play. Sunday was going to be relaxing with Sydney... and make a cake for Tarin's birthday.

What really happened?

Friday: Erika works until 6pm.. (I was supposed to leave at 5pm)
Erika gets home, exhausted. Erika fucks around on the computer until approximately 1am on Saty morning. At 1130pmish or so, the phone rings, it's my Uncle; they are taking my Aunt Carol, grandma's sister, to the hospital. There's something wrong with her blood sugar and she's in a diabetic coma. Grandma lets me know that she cannot watch Sydney for me on Saty; I have to cancel my plans with my friend, (which sucks because I was looking forward to actually socializing) and then I try to sleep. No such luck. I toss and turn. I finally get to sleep around 300am, I get up Saty at 1030am. Grandma has been home and gone, and my grandpa is at the "airport"... my mummy dearest calls around 2pm to ask if she can get Syd...sure I say... when are you going to get her.... blah, blah, blah. Finally, around 450pm I get ready to leave to go out to eat before the play, and there are PEOPLE in the house. There's an annoying little child downstairs, not mine, but someone else's. I can handle my own, but not other people's. So. I politely leave my grandpa to his evening with the family who isn't at the hospital.

Saty Night, my dinner is half way decent, (my baked potato was dry as the Sahara) and the play sucked ass. Okay. NOT ass, but it wasn't all it should have been. No Joke, I rolled my eyes at several times in the play and did not want to clap.

Saty night I get home, write my critique of the play, email it in... Itís now 1140pm, and I play some Medal of Honor, and then retire to bed to read. I get up today, and I feel sickly... stomach, head... blah. Head to my mom's to get Sydney... they aren't there. I have to hunt them down, even though, she told me to be there at noon, and I was, and they are not. I find them eating lunch. FINALLY they finish, we leave... come home... watch The Elf... and bake the damned cake. Now, I am getting ready to update my date book with the future week's events and look forward to a four day fucking weekend.


Monday: Carry-in at work for Tarin. Must not forget to take cake and books to work. Monday night: Dinner with Sara.
Tuesday: Practicum then HOME. Library night.
Wednesday: Celeb's with Ben. Proceed to get WASTED.
Thursday: THANKSGIVING. Get up early, play football with Dad Ed's family (the Turkeybowl, we do every year), go with family after Turkeybowl to bar, get drunk (or tipsy), then go home, eat TURKEY, and then NAP. :) Football on tv... but me not caring.
Friday: Probably have to work four hours. Need to check on this. Might be able to use vacation time.
Saty: Spongebob or Incredibles Movie.
Sunday: NOTHING... oh shit... Christmas lights with Grandma... need to put up Christmas shit....

Yaye. I love the holidays....


Hearing: Game
Feeling: Tired
Stressing: Date Book, books to take to work, bed.

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