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The Nascar Lovin' Ex
11.28.04 || 12:36 pm

So I'm at Bravo last night and there's a horrible wait.. and I'm standing there, and in walks a guy with a Dale Earnhardt jacket, and jeans. Not only was this tacky... but it gets worse. He was my ex-boyfriend from when I was 15... and I stood there remembering that the one time we had sex was horrible, and how then I broke up with him and he cried. HAHA. At least I'm moving up on the social ladder. I would never be caught DEAD in a Nascar coat EVER, let alone going into BRAVO!

OH the happiness of my wasted youth!


At least the wine was good.

Hearing: Nothing
Feeling: Tired
Stressing: Internet(s) :) hehe

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