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Plans Fall Short
08.13.03 || 10:08 a.m.

I am like seriously pissed today. I was supposed to have lunch with Brian today, and I was all psyched about it and whatnot, and so I called him this morning to give him directions, and he didn't answer. So I left a message, he still hasn't called. Yeah, I'm thinking that it's not going to happen today. And to think, I actually got up earlier so that I could get really nice looking. Blah.

I'm tired today, there are a few people here in the office that are interviewing that have been kinda rude. It's un-nice. I don't like it. On a better note, I did get the papers turned in for the loan today and it's all peachy keen. The loan lady is trying to talk me into taking the loan to 48 months, but I don't know if I want to do that. Perhaps. I guess we'll see. If I go two months then the payments will be possibly 300.00 a month, which isn't bad because with the other stuff, my car and my insurance, it's only 700 dollars worth of bills. and I will be making 1440 per month. I have that 20 dollars every check go into my savings account, so that's nice. A little side thing in case I need it. I need to quit spending money. I'm going to get my Mary Kay stuff, pay off dad, grandma, and mom. And pay off those damn computers and creditcards. Them I'm going to cut them up, and I'm going to sell that piece of shit apple I believe. It sucks. Maybe I could trade someone for an older I book. Who knows.

Hearing: Nothing...
Feeling: Annoyed
Stressing: Was lunch with Brian.. now nothing.... party at ncm with kellie then school.

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