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Sydney's First Dentist
06.29.04 || 1:20 am

i have to be up in five hours.

today was sydney's first dental appointment, she did fantabulous!

i am tired, and my life span class is boring... very boring.

my friend, had her baby on friday, a boy, he has downsyndrome, keep her in your thoughts, he is in ICU. Not sure what the situation is...

my back hurts and i watched law and order tonight with my grandma till midnight.

painted sydney and I's finger and toe nails bright pink. we're super cute.

i have not had an orgasm, or sex for two and a half weeks, and i have a full-time boyfriend, I think he might need a coaching form.

work, practicum, school... it blows.

too too too much. need to sleep.

oh, and i get to go back to the dentist on wednesday to have a filling drilled out and replaced, and then a crown put on. Yaye for me. (sarcasm)

at least kevin, my hygenist is hot.

Hearing: Fan
Feeling: Headache
Stressing: bed

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